Tips To Help Your Information Security Management System Pass A Certification Audit


An ISO 27001 certification audit is designed to make sure that a company's information security management systems are ready to work as intended and keep bad actors out, protecting the company's sensitive data or information in the process. There are many different steps you'll have to pass to complete this specific type of IT audit, but in general, there are some clear ways to make sure that you are prepared for any testing that the audit team attempts on your systems.

30 September 2021

Why You Need Conflict Management Training


Conflicts occur in almost every aspect of people's lives. Workplace conflicts range from simple gossip to disastrous shifts in workplace cultures. The process of resolving this friction requires expertise and patience. Therefore, the person in charge must master the art of solving disputes or risk losing workers and workplace goals. Here are a few reasons why conflict management training is essential. Diversity Governments and special interest groups push hard for the rights of minority groups.

2 August 2021