Tips To Help Your Information Security Management System Pass A Certification Audit


An ISO 27001 certification audit is designed to make sure that a company's information security management systems are ready to work as intended and keep bad actors out, protecting the company's sensitive data or information in the process. There are many different steps you'll have to pass to complete this specific type of IT audit, but in general, there are some clear ways to make sure that you are prepared for any testing that the audit team attempts on your systems. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are just starting out with this process and working towards getting your ISMS fully certified.

Make Sure All Data and Information Is Fully Recorded and Easy to Search Through and Find

Do you actually know how much data or information you are storing on your equipment or servers? Is there a master list that has all of this information clearly notated or organized? If an auditor discovers a gap in your information or data and no one on your team seems to know how to find what is supposed to be there, that's a surefire way to fail your audit.

Have a Set Process Every Employee Will Follow When an Incident Occurs

Part of your ISO 27001 certification audit might include the audit team intentionally trying to break through your system security in some way. The auditors will want to see how your system and the employees who are in charge of it respond when a bad incident occurs. Do you have a specific plan in place for every possible situation? If there isn't a set plan for a unique incident, do you at least have best practices or a certain process that you fall back on to make sure no stone is left unturned? Make sure your entire team is trained on proper security protocols and any specific steps they are to take when something goes sideways.

Know Where Your Data or Information Is Stored and Make Sure Everything Is Backed Up

In addition to knowing exactly what data or information you are trying to protect, you should also know the exact location where this data is being stored as well as the locations of any back ups or other fallback options. Talk to your current information management team about your hard drives, your servers, and your network and understand how it all works together to store, back up, and protect your critical information.

A certification audit for your company's ISMS set up is a multi-step process that will take some time. But keep tabs on your data and have a clear process in place to protect it and you'll be able to respond to any concerns the auditors may have.

Contact an ISO 27001 certification audit service to get started.


30 September 2021

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